Feature Requests

Would you like a feature added to FindHDmusic? Post your suggestion here.


  1. I would like to be able to add to my wish-list without being taken to my wish-list every time I'm adding to it.

    Maybe a green bar at the top that tells me this album is now added to my wish-list.

    1. Thank's for the suggestion Mark. We'll definitely add that one to our 'new features' list. Hopefully shouldn't be too long before its implemented.


  2. I noticed that many downloads from eclassical.com are listed as being 24/44 on FindHDmusic, while they have a higher sampling rate on other download sites. I have found that the files actually have the same high sampling rate on eclassical, but it's not indicated on their site (they just say 24bit). Instead of writing "24/44", could you rather use "24/n.a." or something similar, to make clear the sampling rate is not known? I just bought a couple of MPS Records albums in 24/88 from them, because the price is much lower than on the other sites, but other potential buyers may think the sampling rate is really 44kHz.

  3. Please include Qobuz, I think they have good prices, better then same products at other sllers

  4. sorry so much, I've overseen: it is already listed, I look for alphabetical order, but it isn't the case with the list...

  5. I would like you to also consider MQA. It is new and not big yet but it seems like something is moving quite rapidly there.